1-3 May 2020
Cannock Chase


With the uncertain times we all have ahead of us, it is with great disappointment that we are cancelling the OMM Festival at Cannock Chase.

We hope you are staying healthy, looking after yourself and others by respecting the 2m social distancing instruction.  We’re in this together – and like a Mountain Marathon, we’re all looking forward to that hug when we’ve crossed the finish line.

At this stage the OMM Alps, OMM Japan and 53rd OMM are all planning to go ahead. PLEASE continue to enter these events as this will help us immensely to keep going.  We guarantee a full refund if we do need to cancel these events.

We have incurred costs in arranging the festival but we want you to have a full refund. Please check your inbox for information about arranging your refund.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Please look after each other and stay healthy.

Any questions please contact support@theomm.com or call 01524 548040

Team OMM



You choose your route


Most points wins

The challenge in detail…

Your team will be given a map of the Cannock Chase trail network with 50 checkpoints marked on it. The checkpoints all have different values. The challenge is to choose a route that collects the most points for your team.

You choose how long you stay out for, some teams will run hard all day others will stop for lunch.

There are two course options the Long Course (7 hour max time limit on Saturday, 5 hours on Sunday) or Short Course (5 hour max time limit on Saturday, 4 hours on Sunday). You choose how long you stay out and how hard your route is.

The team who collects the most points wins!


OMM Lite Competition Rules and Code of Conduct

In order to conduct the competition on a fair and equal basis for all participants, and ensure safety, it is necessary to apply rules governing a competitor’s conduct, clothing and equipment. These rules, which are set out below will be STRINGENTLY enforced. Anyone found to be in breach of these rules will be automatically disqualified from the current event and potentially banned from future events.

1. THE GOLDEN RULE – Once registered, competitors must report to the Event HQ at the end of each day and download by 17:00 hours whether they have completed the course or not.  If this is not done the team is deemed missing and will be searched for!

2.  Age limits – The event is for solos or teams of two (or three – contact emma@the.omm).  Minimum age is 14yrs old. U18s in a team only with a combined min. age 35yrs. U14 and feel you have enough experience to compete?  Parent/guardian contact emma@theomm.com.    We recommend U16s have competed in the Short Course before attempting the Long Course.  Any competitor under the age of 16 not in a team with their parent/guardian must complete a parental consent form.

3.  Emergencies – If you have a medical emergency you should call 999 where possible, for more minor issues or if you need to retire you must contact Event HQ on the emergency number provided on the map.   If you come across an injured competitor you should assist in any way you can, please inform us on your return and we will ensure that a time adjustment is made where necessary.

4. Navigation – Solo competitors must be able to read a map using a compass, without the aid of GPS devices and in a team at least one member must be able to do so.

5.  Teams must maintain contact (able to communicate by voice) throughout the competition. Both team members must visit the control sites together carrying all their equipment and both team members must dib in the control box.  If one member of the team cannot continue the other team member must ensure that they get safely back to the Event HQ, the 2nd team member may then be able to continue as a solo.

6.  Routes – This is NOT an open access event.  All competitors must keep to public or permissive rights of way (as per event map). Out of Bounds areas and compulsory crossing points are also marked on the event map and must be respected.

7. Kit – Teams must carry or wear the equipment and clothing on the official kit list. This is the absolute minimum for safety.  A signed kit list and declaration form must be handed in at registration.  On completion of the course all competitors must still be in possession of sufficient rations for an emergency.Competitors must permit the examination of their equipment by race officials at any time.

8.  Mobile phones/GPS – We encourage you to carry a fully charged mobile phone for use in an emergency, but they must not be used for navigation.  You may also wear or carry a GPS device (i.e. watch) to track your run/ride (for your use after the event) but again they must not be used for navigation.  Anyone found using their mobile phone or other electronic device for navigation purposes will be disqualified from the event.  We rely on the integrity of our competitors to follow this rule. (unless we remove all electronic devices from every competitor there is no other way for us to enforce this).

9. Conduct.  Competitors who, in the opinion of the organisers, act in such a way to bring the event into disrepute or unnecessarily endanger other competitors or race officials will be disqualified and may be banned.

Event Site Rules

10.  Dogs – Well behaved dogs are welcome but are NOT allowed to accompany competitors on the course or be inside the Event Marquee or be left unaccompanied in tents/cars.  They should be kept on a lead at all times.

11.  Fires – No open fires or charcoal BBQs permitted at the Event HQ/camping field.

12.  No private generators or sound systems.

13.  Illegal drugs – Illegal drug use will not be tolerated at the OMM Festival. Please do not bring and/or take drugs.  Any drug use will be reported to the police.

14.  U18s. Children must be accompanied by a suitable and responsible adult guardian.  The guardian is responsible for the welfare of the child.


We’re delighted to be having this year’s OMM Festival back in the rolling hills of Cannock Chase.

Tackeroo Site
Penkridge Bank Rd,
WS15 2UA

Access to parking, camping and the Event Centre will be clearly signposted.

Camping or arriving in a vehicle you will be sleeping in?  You must also read the section below ‘Camping, Campervans and accommodation’


By Car. 

The Event HQ is located between Stafford and Cannock to the East of the A34.  Access to the Tackeroo Event Site is from Penkridge Bank Road and will be signposted.   When you arrive you will be met by our friendly volunteer marshals,   please follow their instructions.

By Public Transport.

The nearest Stations, dependent on where you are travelling from are Rugeley Trent Valley and Rugeley Town, Hednesford and Cannock.  The closest is approx 3 miles from the event HQ.


The Event HQ will be located at:

Tackeroo Site
Penkridge Bank Rd,
WS15 2UA

We’ll have a big heated marquee, with food and bar (See ‘Food and Drink’ section), last minute advice and kit to purchase at the OMM shop.  Toilets and drinking water will also be provided.   We’ll also have Physiotherapy/Sports Massage available all weekend – more details in the ‘physio’ section below.


Registration will be open from 15:00 hours to 22:00 hours on Friday, from 07:00 hours on Saturday 2nd May and again on Sunday from 7am (for 1 day entrants).  If arriving on Saturday morning please leave plenty of time to register before your start time. Competitors are advised to register early to prevent last minute queues.  

Please bring your completed and signed OMM Kit Check and Declaration.  Please ensure that the car registration number of THE CAR THAT YOU TRAVELLED IN is included on your declaration form (if applicable).  (for 1 day bike, 1 day lite entrants – OMM Bike&Lite Combined Kit Check List and Declaration)

At registration each competitor will be issued with a Sport Ident Timing card/dibber (attached to the wrist), competitors are not able to use their own dibbers as they are used as one of our vital security checks at the end of the event.  The cost of timing cards is including in your entry fee BUT if you lose or damage the dibber you will be charged the cost of replacement (currently £35.00).


Car keys can be deposited at registration whilst you are racing.  Unfortunately we (the organisers) cannot not be held responsible for any keys left in their possession and accept no liability for their safekeeping.


As ever there will be an opportunity to stock up on race goodies.  Alongside the OMM range, we will have a selection kit list items.  And of course we’ll have a few special offers, perfect for rewarding yourself after a hard weekend!


  • Space for 1 x tent or campervan for Friday and Saturday night is included for each competitor competing for 2 days at the OMM Festival e.g. 2 day OMM Lite, but you must book this on your entry form.
  • Those competing for only one day, e.g. OMM Lite on Sunday only, camping is NOT included in your entry fee.   If this is you and you would like camp contact emma@theomm.com to book (£15 for the weekend).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Max. space you should take up with your tent
    [or campervan including awning]  is 6 x 4m (or equivalent).  If you think you need more space, then you must contact emma@theomm.com to book.  
  • Family and friends are more than welcome to come along, but (as per the paragraph above) there is a small charge of £15 for any extra tent or campervan space.  To book please email emma@theomm.com.


Camping and parking open at 15:00 on Friday.   You will be met by our friendly volunteer marshals who will guide you to your parking/camping space.  Please follow their instructions.  If you arrive after 22:30 you should follow the instructions posted on the main entrance gate.


The Tackeroo camping area is set within a beautiful forested area with grassy spaces in between the trees.   Please don’t expect a perfectly flat field!

Due to the nature of the area it is not possible to mark out pitches.  Our volunteer marshals will show you where to park and camp.  If you wish to camp as a group you will need to arrive together, spaces/pitches cannot be held.   If you arrive after your friends/family and there happens to be a space for your tent next to them, please park where you are asked then walk with your kit to pitch your tent – it won’t be far!

We will provide water and toilets (no showers) and the main marquee will be close by.

No fires or BBQ’s (other than gas)
No private generators or sound systems


Yes, you can bring your campervan or caravan.  There is an area of hardstanding that will be used on a first come first served basis but be aware that you may be on grass and no electric hook ups.   Caravan owners may be asked to park their car separately.   The max space you should take up including awning is 6 x 4m, if you need more room you must contact emma@theomm.com to book (£15).


Yes, if you’d like to sleep in a little more luxury then you are welcome to stay in one of the many B&Bs or hotels in the area.  Lots more information here.


Solos and teams of two (or three – contact us).  Minimum age is 14yrs old. U18s in a team only with a combined min. age 35yrs. U14 and feel you have enough experience to compete?  Parent/guardian contact emma@theomm.com.    We recommend U16s have competed in the Short Course before attempting the Long Course.


Head to the start line within your allocated a 15 min start time window.   You will be given any final information before being asked to ‘dib’ your timing tag in the START box and your time will begin!  You will then be given your map  (a new one on each day), showing all the checkpoint locations available for that day and how many points they are worth.  Please move away from the start line to do any planning of your route.


Each checkpoint will have the standard orienteering orange and white sign with control box attached to it.   Your timing tag (attached to your wrist at registration) should be place into the hole in the control box to register you have visited the location; it gives an audible bleep and a visual flash to confirm that this has been successful.

In the unlikely event that the control box doesn’t work, please record your visit writing down the 3 letters shown on the control box (you can also take a photo if easier) and report the fact when you download at the finish.


Teams must finish together.  After finishing go straight to the download desk where you will be given a print out showing the controls you visited with points and split times. Please move away from the desk THEN check your printout. If anything is wrong or you need to report having to punch manually, let the download queries desk know.  Make sure to keep your tag on overnight on Saturday to use on the second day.   At the finish on Sunday follow the same procedure and your SI-tag will be removed and you will be given a meal voucher.   You can then make your way to catering and enjoy some well deserved hot food and drink!


The SI tag will be attached loosely to your wrist at registration.  This must remain attached all weekend and be cut off you either when you finish or if you retire but only at the Event centre.

As well as for timing your tag has an important safety role – it’s how we can confirm who is still out on the course.  Because of this all tags MUST be returned to the event centre by 17:00 on the Sunday before you leave the competition area.

Missing tag = Missing team = Search party.

If you retire you must inform Event HQ as soon as possible (emergency numbers are on the map) and return your SI tag.

You will quickly get used to carrying the tag on your wrist. Wrists do swell during exercise and providing it has been attached loosely; you will hardly notice that you are wearing it overnight. If you lose, break or take a tag home with you the charge will be £35.00 the use of your own SI-tag is not allowed.


OMM Lite competitors will be given a map at the start line (a new one on each day), on it are all the checkpoint locations available for that day and how many points they are worth.   The aim is to collect as many points as you can in the time allowed.

Long Course – Saturday 7 hours, Sunday 5 hours

Short Course – Saturday 5 hours, Sunday 4 hours

You do not have to stay out on the course for the whole time – you choose when you finish.   But if you go over the time allowed penalty point will be accrued as follows:

1 to 5 minutes late – lose 1 point per minute
5 to 10 minutes late – lose 2 points per minute
10 to 15 minutes late – lose 5 points per minute
15 to 30 minutes late – lose 10 points per minute
Over 30 minutes late – lose all points

If you manage to clear the course (i.e. visit every checkpoint) you will be awarded 2 bonus points per minute remaining of your time allowed.

Example Map:



  • Taped seams waterproof jacket with hood and trousers
  • Clothing suitable for mountain running and walking
  • warm layer top
  • Hat (this can be a buff) and gloves
  • Footwear suitable for trail use
  • Whistle & Compass
  • Map (as supplied)
  • First aid equipment
  • Emergency rations (this is something to keep you going in an emergency – you must have these when you finish) 
  • Water carrying capability

This list should be seen as a minimum requirement only. Check the weather forecast, any previous experience and use sound judgement for the kit you should be wearing and carrying. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any competitors who, in their opinion, do not have the necessary kit to cope in an emergency situation.

Any decisions to reduce the amount of kit you need to carry (e.g. in exceptionally warm weather) will be posted at Registration and on the information board on the morning of the event.

You do not need to bring all your kit to registration for checking, however random kit checks may be carried out at any point during the event.

All competitors are required hand a signed Kit Check List and Declaration to Registration before competing.  You can download and print one here:

OMM Lite Kit Check List and Declaration

(for 1 day bike, 1 day lite entrants – OMM Bike&Lite Combined Kit Check List and Declaration)


We’re pleased to say that Matt, Fi and the team from Barrett’s Kitchen and Bar will be returning to this years OMM Festival.  Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available and your choice should be requested on your entry form.

Hot Food available – Friday 16:00 – 21:00, Saturday 07:00 – 10:30 then 13:00 – 21:00, Sunday 07:00 – 10:30 and competitors meal from 12:00.  C

Bar open – Friday 16:00 – 22:30, Saturday 12:00 – 23:00, Sunday 12:00 – 14:30

Here’s the menu to get your taste buds going!

All competitors have a hot meal and drink included in their entry fee which will be served at the Event HQ after you finish on Sunday.  Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available and your choice should be requested on your entry form.

We try hard to encourage recycling and sustainability and to this end a deposit of £1.50 for a reusable pint pot is now required when purchasing drinks from the bar. 

Please note that all rubbish placed in the on-site wheelie bins is recycled by the hire company so that the minimal amount is sent to landfill.

We are very pleased to have Carl and his team of physios back at this year’s OMM Festival.  They will be available throughout the weekend for physio appointments including sports massage.

For more information or to pre-book please contact him directly.  Lots more info and contact details here!

Please note only the 2 day OMM Bike (both long and short courses) are awarded prizes.   Teams and solo competitors compete for the same prizes. Combinations of Bike/Lite and 1 day entries are not competitive, although your results and splits will of course be recorded.

The prize ceremony for OMM Bike will be held by the marquee (weather dependent) at approximately 2pm.

The following prizes will be awarded (dependent on entries):

Prize Long Score Short Score
1st Male £40 £40
2nd Male £30 £30
1st Female £40 £40
2nd Female £30 £30
1st Mixed Team £40 £40
2nd Mixed Team £30 £30
1st Male Vet £30 £30
1st Female Vet £30 £30
1st Mixed Vet £30 £30
1st Family  Team £30 £30

Prizes vouchers are per person and can be spent on OMM products.  The OMM Festival is a not for profit event and the purpose of the prizes is to recognise outstanding achievement.

Veteran = 45 years or older (if in a team both members must qualify)
Family Team = Consists of close family members from different generations one of whom must be under 18.

Key Times for OMM FESTIVAL


15:00 Registration, parking and camping opens

16:00 Food and bar available

22:00 Catering Closes

23:00 Bar Closes

23:00 Registration Closes


07:00 –  Registration opens

07:00 – 09:00 Breakfast available

08:30 – 10:15 OMM Lite and Bike Starts

10:30 Pre race brief for Marathon/Half Marathon (at the Event HQ)

11:00  Trail Marathon/Half Marathon Start*

13:00 Food and bar available

16:00 Kids 2k fun trail race (enter on the day)

22:00 Catering closes

23:00 Bar closes

*prize giving for the trail races will take place in the afternoon – timings TBC


07:00  Breakfast/hot food available

07:00-10:15 Registration open

08:00-10:00 OMM Lite and Bike Starts

10:30 Pre race brief for 10k (at the Event HQ)

11:00 Trail 10k Start – Wheelchair users

11:10 Trail 10k Start – Runners

14:00 approximate time for OMM Lite/Bike and 10k Prize Ceremony


Up to 17th April 2020.  Changes to any of your entry details and to the course you have entered can be made by emailing emma@theomm.com

After 17th April 2020. Changes to any of your entry details and to the course you have entered can be made at registration.


For any cancellations received up to 2nd March 2020, a refund (minus 10% admin fee) is made.


At this point we have already paid for your entry.  The event is run on a not for profit basis and one of the ways of keeping the costs low is to agree numbers as far in advance of the event as possible, hence why it usually becomes more expensive to enter as we get closer to the event.


The organisation of the competition is conducted by a small army of unpaid volunteer helpers drawn from a wide variety of clubs and organisations, including the many faithful stalwarts who help out every year and without whose experience it would not be possible to conduct such an event.  These teams of volunteers allow us to keep the entry fees as low as possible to benefit you.

The officials listed are the principal organisers and team leaders:-

Event Director: Stuart Hamilton stuart@theomm.com

Event Coordinator : Emma Gill emma@theomm.com

Race Planner:  Sion James

Event catering: Matt and Fi, Barrett’s Kitchen and Bar, Ingleton

Infrastructure & logistics: Simon Peers and team, North Yorks Scouts Event Support Team

Parking: Ryan Greenwood and team, East Lancs Event Support Team


Includes entry into the event – FREE Friday night camping pitch – FREE Saturday night camping pitch – SPORTident timing chips – Event centre activities – Event photographs – Bespoke OMM LITE maps – Hot meal after the event – Free parking at event centre

£65 per competitor



(The maximum time to collect points and get to the finish)

Saturday time limit: 5 hours
Sunday time limit 4 hours


(The maximum time to collect points and get to the finish)

Saturday time limit: 7 hours.
Sunday time limit: 5 hours.


Running adventure


Riding adventure


Flagged: 10km, 21km, 42,km