Ava Jacket (W)



The NEW Ava & Aether jackets are lightweight fully featured mountain running jackets. We’ve focused on creating new innovative closures around the wrist, waist and face. We then combined these with eVent’s new DVSTORM 3 layer fabric. To achieve 200g without sacrificing performance every element of the Ava has been looked at from YKK Aquaguard zips to a POINTZERO pocket lining providing a 30% reduction on standard mesh. The Ava & Aether jackets are ideally suited for extreme weather and conditions found on the OMM event.

event dv storm

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  • Female specific active cut with minimalseam construction
  • Fully adjustable wired & laminated mountain hood
  • YKK® Aquaguard zip & internal bonded storm flap
  • Active multi-Cuff
  • Dynamic Droptail
  • Face Gussett
  • Reflective logos and print
  • 2 Large pockets with bonded pocket bags & YKK® AquaGuard zips


  • Colours Black , Red
  • Fabric Event® DVSTORM 3L (66gsm) Nylon
  • Full Weight 200g
  • Sizes S / M / L/XL


If you have any questions about finding the right OMM product for your requirements please get in touch with us via sales@theomm.com and we’ll be happy to offer extra advice. View size guide.

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eVent DVStorm

DVSTORM 3layer fabric

A NEW fabric from eVent the DVStorm weights 66g/m2. The 3 layer construction offers a 10 meter hydrostatic head combined with 31,000 g/m2/24hrs breathability providing the protection and performance required for high intensity activity like the OMM event.

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The first of the new developments for the Ava Jacket if the internal Face Gasket, an compression system inside the hood that provides a tight seal and this stops the fabric bunching up, increasing water runoff. The hood has the all the features other OMM jackets have allowing the hood to move and turn with you preventing a loss of visibility.

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The OutDoor INDUSTRY Award is one of the leading international design awards for companies in the outdoor industry. New and innovative products are assessed and evaluated by an independent panel of expert judges.

OMM: “We focus heavily on innovation and development to provide our users with the most advanced products possible. We’d very pleased to have our efforts rewarded with such a prestigious award.”

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A NEW solution to improve weather protection and water run off. On the Ava & Aether we have changed the direction of the wrist closure to eliminate the water catchment area on the back of the wrist. The new wrist closure can be fastened around the hand creating a thumb loop and protection for the back of the hand and knuckles. This takes more water away quicker keeping you warm.

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To address the issue of the waist band riding up when tensioned we have created a new compression system. The dual compression cords allow the wearer to tension the jacket around the waist and also around the bottom of the droptail. This keeps the waist line in place and allows water to run off more efficiently keeping you dry.

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