Flash Winter Tight


 Full length stretch thermal tights

Flash winter tights use a combination of fabrics to provide insulation and venting for use in below zero conditions. The Vector super stretch thermal fabric is used on the thighs and lower legs which are more exposed to the elements. The lighter flash fabric is used on the other panels of the tights to provide venting and a free range of movement. The 220g full length tight is perfect for winter ascents and longer days in the hills.
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  • 4 way stretch
  • Flatlock seams
  • Stetch thigh pockets (gels / phone)
  • Key pocket
  • Grip strips to prevent ride
  • Reflective safety flashes
  • Drawcord and elasticated waist


Colours Black / Purple
Fabric Stretch Polymide
Full Weight 220g
Sizes XS/ S / M / L/ XL

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Thermal Paneling.

Our thermal insulating Vector fabric provides warmth and stretch has been used across the thigh and lower leg. This provides protection and warmth from the elements whilst the lighter flash fabric allows for venting. This combination of fabrics is ideal for below zero running where temperatures can vary.

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Made for winter.

The thermal properties of the fabric provides warmth to key areas even when wet. Designed for running above the snow line the Flash Winter tight will allows you to take on longer routes in freezing conditions.

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Stash pocket.

The Flash Winter Tight features a stash pocket on the outside of the thigh. This is ideal for maps, compass or bars which you need repeated easy access to.